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As a Cinematographer, Armando's passion for stylised images is clearly visible in the 200+ music videos he has been credited with. His ouvre includes legendary acts such as Tricky, Ash, Manic Street Preachers, Leftfield, Motörhead, DJ Sash, Skunk Anancie, Mercuriy Rev, Visage and Paul Weller, to name but a few...

Fluent in six languages, Armando has worked extensively abroad making use of both 35/16mm film and the latest digital video formats.

Often taking his inspiration from 1940s BW cinematic lighting, Armando's work is visually strong and well suited to realm of Fashion and Advertising, as is evident in the viral campaign shot for Agent Provocateur.

Armando's quest to develop new lighting techniques has also led him to develop a distinctive style in his fashion photography. For Armando's photographic work visit



Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia" shown at the 57 London Film Festival.

Gore Vidal, novelist, polemicist, wit, bon vivant, intellectual, radical journalist, died in July 2012 aged 86 but he’s brought back to life, in all his dazzling, provocative aspects, in Nicholas Wrathall’s engaging documentary.

Featuring interview and observational footage Wrathall captured of the writer in his final years, the movie is an intelligent and elegant summation of Vidal’s life and work.

Combining well chosen archive footage of Vidal, who remained a spiky, combative and acerbic public critic of American politics, with commentary and reflection from his friends and peers, including the late Christopher Hitchens, the film offers a unique perspective on the turbulence of post-war America. ‘Whenever I want to know what the United States is up to,’ he once said, ‘I look into my own black heart.’

You can watch the trailer here

Gore Vidal & Michail Gorbacev

Directed/Produced by Nicholas Whrathal
DOP: Armando
Production Company: Amnesya LLC




A versatile and easy-to-use 3 axis robotic camera stabilizer that allows anyone to capture stunning cinematic footage anywhere!

Have you ever tried to record that perfect moment while in motion with a handheald camera? Have you ever wished there was something light, versatile, and easy-to-use that would get rid of the shaking?
The Handheld 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal, redefines the possibilities for camera movement.

At the heart of the Gimbal is a IMU and brushless direct drive system, custom build to ARMANDO's specifications and fully calibrated for the Nikon D800. It perform in similar ways to the MOVI/Freefly system. It records to an Atomos Ninja Blade bypassing the camera's mpg compression to 10bit 4:2:2 (Avid DnxHD or Apple ProRes.).

It's a very robust lightweight system, enabling you pull off shots that otherwise may require hundreds of thousands of pounds in equipment, and a substantial crew. In other words, you can capture incredibly compelling dynamic shots with just a single camera operator.

You can watch the MOVI demo here







Armando's camera of choice is: Red, Arri Alexa or 35mm. However, these days many productions are shot on a limited budget and are intended for internet release. Armando can therefore also offer a Nikon d800 DSLR shooting package, backed up by a cinemtographic career in excess of 15 years.


HD DSLR Shooting Package with Nikon D800.
Nikon Lenses, Follow Focus, Monitor.
Assistant and Sound Recordist (P.O.A.).